How to get coach to find you a muay thai fight

How to get coach to find you a muay thai fight

As a coach and owner of 2 gyms, I often get approached by students telling me that they are interested in fighting.  Our gym has over 100 members. Let's be honest, not every member will get an opportunity to compete and represent their club.  There is a lot of time and resources that goes into preparing someone for battle and it’s just not feasible nor practical to have the entire club fighting.  Extra pad rounds with coaches,  putting together your workout plan, finding cornermen (2 person) to accompany you for the day of the fight, prospecting for an opponent, organizing and planning for the event, and other behind the scenes work are some examples of extra duties required by the club to prepare for you to compete.

“Being skillful isn’t enough.”  

At our club we don’t just look at skill to determine who makes the cut.  Likewise, you could be the hardest working Joe out there but if your skill doesn’t measure up, then keep training.

So how does a club determine who gets to be on the fight roster?  I can tell you how Legacy decides.

How to Join the Legacy Fight Team (in no particular order)

1. Work ethic
Training hard and pushing yourself each class.

2. Attendance
You must be attending classes regularly (minimum 3 classes a week while also doing fight related training at home or elsewhere for a total of 5 training sessions a week).

3. Time in as part of the team
If you just joined our club, understand that it may take some time for all of us to get to know each other before we can work together.

4. Drive and passion for the sport
Are you fighting for the right reasons? To get girls, to beat up on people, or to show off on social media that you are a fighter aren’t good reasons. We want fighters who love the sport.

5. Skill
You don’t necessarily have to have the highest skill at the club, but you must prove that you understand the fundamentals, can bring home the victory, and can protect yourself in that ring. Only through hard sparring can you show this.

6. Attitude and character
Douches, arrogant, and egotistical people are not representing our club. Luckily for Legacy, we don’t have this problem as we don’t draw in those types of people anyways.


7. Ability to listen, learn, and follow direction
Self explanatory.








When you first join,  it’s perfectly fine to let the coach  know that you are interested in competing.  You can go a step further and ask how the club determines who gets to fight and what the requirements are.  Just understand that competing and representing your club is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT.  You get chosen based on set criterias and unfortunately, not everyone will get chosen.  There is usually already a waitlist of students patiently waiting for their turn, so if you are a newcomer interested you will have to be patient.  

So you got chosen to join the fight team?  Well, with great power comes great responsibilities.  This is what teamLEGACY expects from our fighters:

Specific Requirements and Expectations for our Fighters

1. Go to the advanced classes at least twice a week for 3 months before your scheduled fight.  One of those classes has to be the sparring classes (currently on Tuesdays).

2. Train hard - don’t skimp out on hard work, challenge yourself by sparring with tough partners, give 100%, 100% of the time.

3. Be a good teammate and contribute to the club in some ways.  What value do you add to the team or club?

4. We expect that shortly after your fight, you are back on the floor helping your teammates prepare for theirs through sparring and padwork.  Long extended breaks after receiving your fight is unacceptable.  If this happens then you can expect that we will not be finding you another fight.

5. You are also training and doing your homework outside the club times.  Road work, cross training at other gyms, working solo on the heavy bag at home, studying fight videos etc.

Do you have what it takes? 

Join me


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